Body fat calculator by 5 measurements | Know your body type

Body fat percentage is one of indicators which help to assess person’s physique. Here you can immediately calculate it.

How to calculate the percent of body fat mass?

There are several formulas for calculations of body fat mass. Here the list of different body fat calculators you might find on our site:

As for the body fat calculator measurements on this page, you need some other data. The weight is a standard parameter for any body fat calculations. In addition, you should measure the circumference of waist, wrist, hips and forearm. It allows you to use the tape instead of calipers.

To use body fat calculator for women, don’t forget to indicate the gender. Men’s mode is set by default. One more female body fat calculator is here. It is based on the measurements of woman’s skinfolds.

Results of body fat calculations

This percent body fat calculator gives two answers. The first is the percentage of fat, while the second is body type which can be fitness, athletes or some else status.

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