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Ideal waist-height ratio is the norm of body proportion that is established for women and men. To determine your personal status you should calculate the waist-to-height ratio on this page.

Waist-height ratio calculator

To use the waist-to-height ratio calculator you should know only two parameters. They are waist circumference and height. Previously you can choose the most suitable unit of measure: centimeter, inch or feet.

The gender is also taken into account while calculation so you should indicate it as well. When you are ready, put on the button “Calculate” and get the result.

Waist-height ratio formula

To count the ratio of waist to height, such formula is used:

WHtR (Waist-to-height ratio) = (Waist circumference / Height ) × 100

Waist to height ratio chart

The result of calculation is not only the ratio but the status as well which helps to evaluate your body. To know what waist to height ratio is ideal (healthy and normal) look at the information below.

The categories of waist & height ratio for men are listed here:

Male Waist-to-Height Ratio

Ratio Status
< 35 Abnormally slim
35–43 Extremely slim
43–46 Slender and healthy
46–53 Healthy, normal, attractive weight
53–58 Overweight
58–63 Extremely overweight or obese
> 63 Highly obese


Women’s waist-to-height ratios are here:

Female Waist-to-Height Ratio

Ratio Status
< 35 Abnormally slim
35–42 Extremely slim
42–46 Slender and healthy
46–49 Healthy, normal, attractive weight
49–54 Overweight
54–58 Extremely overweight or obese
> 58 Highly obese
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