Calculation of BAI | Know your body adiposity index

If you are on this page to calculate body adiposity index, then you should enter some data about your body and put on the button “Calculate”.

What is BAI?

BAI (body adiposity index) is one of the estimating methods needed for calculation of the body fat amount in humans.  BAI calculator can determine it by such information as your height and hip circumference, but for more accurate result you should also write down your gender and age.

Body adiposity index calculation is an alternative to BMI. For your convenience there is BAI & BMI calculator for their comparison on our site.

BAI calculator – how it works

Body adiposity index calculator helps to calculate the percentage of body fat and compare the result with norm for your age and gender.

Based on this, a personal status is also formed for you. This message is a recommendation regarding your body. For example: you may be advices to maintain the BAI you have as your body is healthy or, for instance, your body is obese, and you must reduce your fat amount significantly to bring to healthy level.

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