Comparison of BAI & BMI — Online Calculator of Body Mass Index

BMI calculator is a tool for those who want to determine if you’re a healthy weight and what is your nutrition status. Despite its huge popularity, body mass index is considered not as accurate as body adiposity index (BAI), so here you can calculate both indicators combined.

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult woman or man. It shows if your mass is normal or not (for example, underweight or overweight). There are different ways to calculate body mass index. The weight of lean body mass and the percent of body fat can be estimated by skinfolds measurements and body weight. You can do it here:

What is Body Adiposity Index (BAI)?

The body adiposity index (BAI) is also a method of estimating the amount of body fat but instead of body weight it uses the size of the hips compared to the person’s height.

BMI calculator or BAI calculator — what’s better?

Body Adiposity Index (BAI) and Body Mass Index (BMI) are two popular indicators for evaluating the human body, but they are used for different purposes. Although BMI calculator is considered to be less accurate due to some research, they both have high utility value. BAI might be complementary to BMI and recommended for complex estimation of body fat.

Comparison calculator of BMI and BAI will give you complete data.

How to calculate BMI and BAI?

BAI & BMI calculator needs several parameters such as age, height, weight and hips. For your convenience there are two unit systems for your choice (metric and English). The result will consist of 4 answers:

  1. Body Adiposity Index (in %).
  2. BAI message (the current status of your body fat).
  3. Body Mass Index (in kg/m2).
  4. BMI message (a short description about your body mass).

Is it women BMI calculator?

Not only. BAI & BMI calculator is available and accurate for both men and women. Specify the gender before calculations and chose necessary mode:

  • BAI and BMI calculator for men;
  • BAI and BMI calculator for women.

BAI calculator is combined with BMI calculator in such a way so that it would be helpful for any adult person elder than 20 years old.

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