LBM calculator — Know your lean body mass

Lean body mass calculation is one of the ways to monitor the progress of weight loss which might be useful both for fitness and medicine.

What is lean body mass?

LBM (lean body mass) is the difference between total body weight and weight of body fat. The calculation of lean body mass shows two things:

  • body fat percentage;
  • weight of lean body mass in kg (or pounds if necessary).

Here you can also calculate body fat percentage and compare it with the ideal body fat percent.

How to calculate lean body mass?

Calculations of an estimated lean body mass (LBM) are usually based on human’s body weight, height, gender and age. To get more accurate result this LBM calculator takes into account more parameters including waist, iliac and hips.

LBM calculator

For calculating lean body mass you should follow the instruction below:

  1. Choose the unit system (metric or English).
  2. Specify your gender and age.
  3. Enter your weight and height.
  4. Measure your waist, iliac and hips to enter current parameters.

Waist size means the average of two measurements. The first is waist at your navel. The second is the midway point between your navel and the bottom of your sternum. Add up the numbers and divide by two to get correct waist size.

Iliac means the girth of that body’s part where the upper pelvic bones protrude the most.

Hips mean the measure around the hips at the place of maximum buttocks’ protrusion.

  1. Put on the button “Calculate”.

Lean body mass calculator will show the results immediately.

There are an alternative ways to calculate lean body mass. You can find LBM calculator for men and LBM calculator for women on our site. They are based on such parameters as weight, age and skin-fold thickness.

Who needs LBM calculator?

LBM calculator helps to determine the percentage of body fat and lean body mass giving the result which is generally accurate to within a few percent.

It is reasonably accurate for different groups of people, including these ones:

  • the obese and very lean people;
  • people with low hydration levels;
  • people after very large weight loses with loose skin;
  • steroid-free bodybuilders.

Lean body mass calculations with the help of this tool is likely more accurate than just skin-fold measurements.

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