Sales Tax Calculator in USA

Different states of the USA have different tax rates, so you need to know the exact state to calculate the base sales tax. Then, in order to calculate the after-tax cost and the tax itself, you will only have to enter the amount to calculate and select the rate from the table below.

Before Tax Price
Sales Tax Rate

Sales tax rates in the United States

State Postal Sales Tax Rate
Alabama AL 4%
Alaska AK 0%
Arizona AZ 5.6%
Arkansas AR 6.5%
California CA 7.25%
Colorado CO 2.9%
Connecticut CT 6.35%
Delaware DE 0%
District of Columbia DC 6%
Florida FL 6%
Georgia GA 4%
Hawaii HI 4%
Idaho ID 6%
Illinois IL 6.25%
Indiana IN 7%
Iowa IA 6%
Kansas KS 6.5%
Kentucky KY 6%
Louisiana LA 4.45%
Maine ME 5.5%
Maryland MD 6%
Massachusetts MA 6.25%
Michigan MI 6%
Minnesota MN 6.875%
Mississippi MS 7%
Missouri MO 4.225%
Montana MT 0%
Nebraska NE 5.5%
Nevada NV 4.6%
New Hampshire NH 0%
New Jersey NJ 6.625%
New Mexico NM 5%
New York NY 4%
North Carolina NC 4.75%
North Dakota ND 5%
Ohio OH 5.75%
Oklahoma OK 4.5%
Oregon OR 0%
Pennsylvania PA 6%
Rhode Island RI 7%
South Carolina SC 6%
South Dakota SD 4.5%
Tennessee TN 7%
Texas TX 6.25%
Utah UT 4.85%
Vermont VT 6%
Virginia VA 4.3%
Washington WA 6.5%
West Virginia WV 6%
Wisconsin WI 5%
Wyoming WY 4%


U.S. Territory Postal Sales Tax Rate
American Samoa AS 15%
Guam GU 2%
U.S. Virgin Islands VI 0%
Puerto Rico PR 10.5%
Northern Mariana Islands MP 0%


Pay attention that the result you will get is not final. As local governments are allowed to collect their own sales taxes in addition to the state-level sales tax rate in most states, the final tax could be much more. For an accurate calculation, you need to sum up the base (statewide) rate with the county-level and local, if any.

Select the state or territory you are interested in and click on it to go to a page with a calculator dedicated to that particular location. There you will find details, as well as be able to make more accurate calculation.

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