How to calculate body fat percent? Body fat percentage calculator
If you want to calculate your body fat percentage, you can use this calculator to get immediate result. It is based on the Jackson-Pollock 3-spot formula, which uses
Calculator of human proportions — Know your body proportion
Ideal body proportion is not only about bust, hips and waist. Here is body proportion calculator which determines the coefficient of norm by such parameters as circumference of
Comparison of BAI & BMI — Online Calculator of Body Mass Index
BMI calculator is a tool for those who want to determine if you’re a healthy weight and what is your nutrition status. Despite its huge popularity, body mass
LBM Calculator — Lean body mass for woman
Here you can determine female lean body mass in a few minutes. For the calculation of body fat percentage and the weight of lean body mass you should
LBM calculator for male — Lean body mass and body fat percentage
Lean body mass (LBM) represents the weight of your muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and internal organs excluding the weight of body fat. You can calculate it in different
LBM calculator — Know your lean body mass
Lean body mass calculation is one of the ways to monitor the progress of weight loss which might be useful both for fitness and medicine. What is lean
Ideal Proportions for Growth
Bodybuilder proportions are different from the proportions of a man who leads a normal lifestyle. If you are interested in this sport and your goal is to build
Percentage Body Fat
Body fat percentage is one of the indicators which help to determine the physique of a human. It means the proportion of fat mass relative to total body
Ideal Body Proportions Calculator
This body proportion calculator uses the wrist circumference formula of McCallum. Calculate Ideal Body Proportions What is it? This formula was created by expert methodist John McCallum, who