Weight watchers points (WW) Calculator — How many points are you allowed a day?

The weight watcher points (WW points) is a system of points which helps people control or lose weight by correcting of eating habits. According to it all food products are valued at points, while each human has to stick to daily allowance of these points.

Why weight watchers calculator is needed?

Weight watchers points calculator helps to determine individual daily allowance for people of different sex, weight, height and age. The result of calculation will allow you to compare your actual indicators with normative as you will know how many weight watchers points are not enough or vice versa exceeded.

How do I calculate weight watchers points?

WW points calculator necessary for automatic and simple calculation of your daily allowance.

To calculate weight watchers points you should fill in all fields:

  • your gender;
  • your age;
  • your current weight (in kg);
  • your height (in cm).

Press the button and you will know how many weight watchers points are you allowed a day. To calculate whether your diet meets this norm, you need to keep a record of the food that you consume and add up the points. When your weight starts to change, the calculations must be repeated to adjust the nutrition in favor of healthy food.

Weight watchers calculator formula

If you are interested in how to calculate weight watchers points, it might be helpful to know these formulas:

  • Daily allowance of weight watchers points for men = Min{ Max{round[ ((height -48)/2.25) + (weight × 0.1834) – ((age – 17)/4) ], 29} , 71}.
  • Weight watchers points allowances per day for women = Min{ Max{round[ ((ht-48)/2) + (wt×0.1461) – ((age-21)/5) – 5 ], 29} , 71}

Looks too complicated, doesn’t it? Then enter all the data into the calculator, and it will calculate weight watchers points allowance himself.

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