Body calculator — Full body analysis for you

Healthy body calculator is the comprehensive tool that combines several calculators at once including BMI body calculator. It gives the opportunities for body analysis which includes not only an assessment of your figure, the recommendation for your health as well (the indicators of heart rate, metabolism, etc.).

Functions of body calculator

This simple body calculator helps to identify more than 10 important parameters such as:

  • body mass index (BMI) & BMI categorization;
  • waist to hip ratio (WHR);
  • body shape analysis;
  • body frame size;
  • ideal weight;
  • lean mass and body fat;
  • resting metabolism & average actual metabolism;
  • heart rate (target & maximum).

This is the full body analysis which you can do yourself in minutes or even faster.

How to use full body analysis calculator?

This body calculator evaluates the parameters of your body, and also takes into account your goal. For this reason the results of body calculator for weight loss might differ from the recommendations for those who are looking forward to increasing indurance.

To use human body calculator you should follow the instruction:

  1. Choose the unit system (metric or English).
  2. Identify your gender.
  3. Enter the information about the weight, height and age.
  4. Count and write down your resting heart rate (average).
  5. Measure your body circumference (waist, Hip, elbow width.
  6. Describe your activity level (select the most appropriate option from the list).
  7. Choose one of the five fitness goals (most relevant).

To activate body calculator you should check the correctness of the entered data and put on the button “Calculate” to get full body analysis.

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