Standards growth for human — What is the norm? Online calculator

There are some standards of human growth which you can meet or not. For example, the norm of average growth for men is considered to be 175 cm, while average growth of women is 162 cm. Due to this standard the lower limit of normal for an adult man is 162 cm, and 150 cm for a woman.

Calculation of standards growth

This calculator allows determining if your growth is standard or not. To check it you should indicate your gender, date of birth and actual height. Then put on the button “Calculate”.

Standards growth calculator will show:

  • the norm of growth for your age and sex;
  • lower and upper limits;
  • the deviation from the standard (if any).

Remember that the development of the body depends on many factors, including a person’s genetics. The calculator likely performs an entertaining function. Do not be upset if a deviation is detected.

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