LBM Calculator — Lean body mass for woman

Here you can determine female lean body mass in a few minutes. For the calculation of body fat percentage and the weight of lean body mass you should take some body measurements. When everything is ready, fill in the data and get the result.

How to calculate lean body mass for women?

You don’t need any formulas. Our lean body mass calculator for women estimates the percent of body fat and lean body mass itself. All you need is to enter correct information:

  • your age;
  • your weight;
  • 7 parameters of skin folds: pectoral, abdominal, thigh, triceps, subscapular, supra-iliac and axilla folds.

One more way to know lean body mass for female is to calculate it by the waist, iliac and hips. You can do it with the help of another calculator.

What is average lean body mass for female?

On average, lean body mass for women is around 70–75%. Of course, it all depends on the figure features, age and other factors, but ideal lean body mass for female means less than 30% of body fat.

How to measure a skin fold?

  1. Pinch the skin in the area you need to measure by two fingers (thumb and forefinger).
  2. Pull the skin in a way when the muscle is not included.
  3. Use either a metric ruler or skinfold calipers.
  4. Write down the result in mm.

If you use skinfold calipers, repeat the measurements several times and take the average result.


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