LBM calculator for male — Lean body mass and body fat percentage

Lean body mass (LBM) represents the weight of your muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and internal organs excluding the weight of body fat. You can calculate it in different ways. There is LBM calculator that is based on human’s weight, height and some body proportions (waist, iliac and hips). However, here we propose you to calculate lean body mass and body fat percentage according to another approach.

Calculation of lean body mass

This calculator is based on the 7-point method which needs some measurements of skin folds:

  • pectoral fold;
  • abdominal fold;
  • thigh fold;
  • triceps fold;
  • subscapular fold;
  • supra-iliac fold;
  • axilla fold.

How to measure the skin folds?

First of all you should pinch the skin in necessary area by your thumb and forefinger. Pull the skin so that it wouldn’t include the muscle. The thickness of the fold is measured with either a metric ruler or skinfold calipers (in mm). The measurement with skinfold calipers should be repeated several times for taking the average result.

LBM calculator for men — how it works

The aim of this calculator is to determine lean body mass in kg and the percent body fat for male. To do this you need to fill in all fields:

  • your age;
  • your weight;
  • all measurements of pectoral, abdominal, thigh, triceps, subscapular, suprailiac and axilla skin folds.

Put on the button “Calculate” to get the result.

If you need the same LBM calculation for female, please, follow the link “LBM calculator for woman”.


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