How to calculate body fat percent? Body fat percentage calculator

If you want to calculate your body fat percentage, you can use this calculator to get immediate result. It is based on the Jackson-Pollock 3-spot formula, which uses such parameters as:

  • chest, abdomen and thigh skinfold for males;
  • triceps, thigh, and supra-iliac skinfold for females.

Jackson-Pollock 3-point method measurements

What percent body fat am I?

The percent of body fat is the part of your body mass which means only fat and can be corrected with appropriate diet and physical trainings. After using this percent body fat calculator you will know:

  1. What percentage of body fat you have.
  2. What is your lean body mass (in kg or lbs).

What percent of body fat is healthy?

What should your percent body fat be? It all depends on your age and gender. For this reason normal percent of body fat for women is more that the men have. The same rule should be followed by the old people.

To know if your result is the same as healthy body fat percent, compare it with the table of ranges below:

Your age Woman norm Man norm
20–39 21–32% 8–19%
40–59 23–33% 11–21%
60–79 24–35% 13–24%


Optimal body fat percentage for active athletes might be lower than for the average person.

Female Male
14–20% 6–13%


How to calculate percent body fat?

To check your body fat percentage you should measure yourself with calipers or metric ruler and fill in the gabs above. When you are ready, put on the button “Calculate”.

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