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Convert mm to inches whatever your values ​​are. Enter the number in mm and put on the button “Convert” to change millimeters to inches (mm to in).


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Mm to inch conversion — How it works

1 inch is 25.4 mm. That is why 1 mm to inches is 0.03937007874 as the result of this calculation:

1 ÷ 25.4 = 0.03937007874

You can use it as a formula, which means that any mm to inches conversion is a calculation where the quantity of millimeters must be divided by 25.4:

Length in inches = Length in millimeters ÷ 25.4

Example for mm to inches conversion

If you need to change mm to inch, just divide it by 25.4. For example, if you need to convert 500 millimeters to inches, divide 500 by 25.4 and get approximately 19.685 inches (the exact answer is 19.68503937 in).

Be ready that converting millimeter to inches you will often get a fractional result. For the accuracy of the result, it is better to use mm to inches calculator.

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