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Here you can convert cm to mm. To do this, enter the value in centimeters, click on the button and get the result immediately.


Use our reverse converter to convert millimeters to centimeters  


How to convert cm to mm?

Centimeter to millimeter conversion is based on the equality of measurement values where:

1 centimeter to millimeters is equal to 10 mm (1 cm = 10 mm);

Knowing this, you can easily convert any number of centimeters to mm. Just multiply the initial length in cm by 10 and the result will be your new value in mm:

Length in mm = Length in cm × 10

Example how to convert centimeters to millimeters

If 1 centimeter to millimeter is 10 mm, any length in centimeters will be equal the length in millimeters multiplied by 10.

For example, we have 15 cm. How much will it be in mm? Let’s calculate together:

15 × 10 = 150

The result means that 15 cm to mm are 150 millimeters.

Now you know how to change centimeter to millimeter manually, but you can also use our converter to do it quicker. Cm to mm calculator will convert any value in centimeter to mm.

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