Meter to mm | Convert meters to millimeters

To change meter to millimeter it is easy to use this converter. Enter how many meters the length is now and put on the button “Convert” to get a result.


Use our reverse converter to convert millimeters to meters  

How to convert m to mm?

Converting meter to mm it is necessary just to multiply the value by 1000. We can explain such calculation because of the equality of 1 m to mm:

1 meter to millimeter = 1000 mm (1 m = 1000 mm)

M to mm conversion is based on this value, so you should always multiply it by 1000:

Length in millimeters = Length in meters × 1000

Example of meter to millimeter conversion

As 1 meter to mm is equal to 1000, it is easy to calculate any another length. For example, if the length is 3 meters and you have to convert meters to millimeters, just calculate it in such way:

3 × 1000 = 3000

If you convert m to mm here, you will get the result equal 3000 mm.

Now you know how to convert meters to millimeters by yourself. To simplify the calculation we recommend using our converter above.


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