Inches to millimeters | Convert inches to mm in one step

You are here to convert inches to mm. Enter the initial value in inches (in) and put on the button “Convert” to get the result in millimeters (mm).


Use our reverse converter to convert mm to inches  

What is 1 inch to mm?

One inch is 25.4 millimeters, so when converting inches to mm, it is enough to multiply your length by 25.4.

How to convert inches to mm?

Inch to mm conversion is a calculation which means multiplying the original value by 25.4. The formula of inches to millimeters conversion looks like this:

Length in millimeters = length in inches × 25.4

To convert inch to mm you can multiply the length in mm by 25.4 or just use inch to millimeter convertor.

Example of inch to millimeter conversion

Imagine that the item is 0.5 inches long. How much is this in millimeters? Multiply 0.5 by 25.4 and you will get 12.7 mm.

What if the length is 11 inches? Then the length in millimeters will be 279.5. For convenience, you can additionally convert big numbers in millimeters to centimeters or use our millimeters to meters convertor.

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