Ideal Body Proportions Calculator

This body proportion calculator uses the wrist circumference formula of McCallum.

Calculate Ideal Body Proportions

What is it?

This formula was created by expert methodist John McCallum, who thought that ideal proportions of the human body can be calculated by the wrist girth. The idea bases on the theory that the wrist’s size strongly depends on the size of other human bones.

The author of the formula found the interdependence between the parameters of the body. According to it we can calculate body measurements proportion by wrist circumference:

  • chest = wrist × 6.5
  • arm = chest × 0.36
  • forearm = chest × 0.29
  • leg = chest × 0.53
  • shin = chest × 0.34
  • waist = chest × 0.7
  • neck = chest × 0.37
  • hips = chest × 0.85

How it works

To calculate the ideal body measurements online, you should know only one parameter. It is your wrist girth.

  • Enter it in the empty field.
  • Put on the button “Calculate”.

Right after that you will know the ideal body proportions exactly for you. Our online calculator will display it immediately.

Note that the data must be entered in centimeters. The result will also be given in cm.

What do the results mean?

The measurements you will see are only a reference for you to know which parts of your body require most work. Human body proportions mostly depend on the genetic, so the result may be a guide, but not necessarily the goal of training and diet.

For whom is it intended?

This human body proportion calculator is based on the McCallum’s formula which was created for men who are into bodybuilding. It means that the body proportion calculator will be helpful only for male.

The calculation of body proportionality for any woman or man is available here.


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