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Subtract this percentage

If you need to subtract percentage, use this calculator. It will be helpful even if you don’t know the formula for correct calculation.

How to subtract percentage

Subtract percent calculator will show the result after entering only two parameters: the initial number and the percent you want to subtract from it.

But if you decide on your own calculation, you should count it in several stages:

  1. Multiply the percentage by the initial number.
  2. Divide the result by 100.
  3. Now you know the value which must be subtracted from initial value. Do it!

The order of the first two steps does not matter. You may divide the percentage by 100 at first and then multiply the result by the initial number.

Formula to subtract percent

Subtraction of percentage is a calculation according to this formula:

Final value = Initial value – (Initial value × Percent / 100)

If you would like to add a percent to a number, the raise percentage calculator will be helpful for you.

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