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Any percent growth can be calculated on this page. Enter initial and final numbers to start calculation.

How to find percentage growth

There is percent growth formula, which helps to determine the result. Here it is:

Percent growth = (Present value – Past Value) / Past value × 100


In other words, to evaluate the percent difference in dynamics, it is necessary to subtract the past value from the current value, and then divide the result by the same past value. The result can be used as the final one if the coefficient is calculated. Multiply it by 100 if you want to know the result in percentage terms.

How to calculate percentage growth even easier? Use our percentage growth calculator.

Growth percentage calculator — How it works

Percent growth calculator works according to the formula described above, but its interface allows to simplify the calculation for the user. To calculate percent growth you need only enter two values. Present value must be entered in the first field, while the past value must be the next one.

If the present value is less than the past one, the calculator will show the percentage reduction, not a growth.

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