Oregon Sales Tax Calculator

To calculate Oregon sales tax, use our calculator. It takes into account the statewide sales tax rate which is 0% for OR, while other sales tax rates (countywide or some local) can be entered by yourself according to the data below.

Before Tax Price
Statewide Sales Tax Rate
County Sales Tax Rate
Local Sales Tax Rate

What is Oregon sales tax?

Oregon sales tax rate is currently 0%. This state is one of five states with no statewide sales tax.

How to calculate Oregon sales tax?

OR sales tax is statewide tax rate which is equal to 0%. At the same time none of the cities or local governments collects additional local sales taxes. That is why the cost of the product will be the same, and you don’t need any calculations.

The only exceptions are some cities and municipalities where local sales taxes are allowed at their discretion on some categories of products.

Please note that the calculator helps users for informational purposes only. Exact calculation results may vary by current location and may change over time as the tax rate changes.

OR sales tax calculator will save the initial price, because in most cases there is no sales tax at all.

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