American Samoa Sales Tax Calculator

To calculate American Samoa sales tax, use our calculator. It takes into account the basic tax rate used there which is 15%, while other local sales tax rates can be entered by you according to the data below.

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Statewide Sales Tax Rate
County Sales Tax Rate
Local Sales Tax Rate

What is American Samoa sales tax?

American Samoa sales tax rate is currently 15%. It is also called Value added goods and services tax (VAGST) in Samoa.

How to calculate American Samoa sales tax?

AS sales tax is a tax rate which consists of basic rate for this U.S. territory and local-option sales tax rate. American Samoa sales tax calculator takes into account only “statewide” tax rate so for more accurate result you should write down the local tax rates (depending on your county/district/city, etc.).

Please note that the calculator helps users for informational purposes only. Exact calculation results may vary by current location and may change over time as the tax rate changes.

For example: sales tax in Pago Pago is 15% as a sum of American Samoa main and additional sales taxes.

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