Maine Sales Tax Calculator

To calculate Maine sales tax, use our calculator. It takes into account the statewide sales tax rate which is 5.5% for ME, while other sales tax rates (countywide or some local) can be entered by yourself according to the data below.

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What is Maine sales tax?

Maine sales tax rate is currently 5.5%. There is no difference what city, county or ZIP you are in. Sales tax is not collected at the local level. There is only statewide sales tax rate in Maine.

Check the table below to choose county and local sales tax rates you need.

How to calculate Maine sales tax?

ME sales tax is statewide tax rate which is the same for all locations in this state. That is why Maine sales tax calculator doesn’t need to take into account the local tax rates (depending on the county/district/city, etc.). These fields can be left unchanged. Leave the original values ​​”0″ for the calculation.

ME sales tax calculator will find out the result due to such data:

County Name Maximum Tax Rate
Androscoggin County 5.5%
Aroostook County 5.5%
Cumberland County 5.5%
Franklin County 5.5%
Hancock County 5.5%
Kennebec County 5.5%
Knox County 5.5%
Lincoln County 5.5%
Oxford County 5.5%
Penobscot County 5.5%
Piscataquis County 5.5%
Sagadahoc County 5.5%
Somerset County 5.5%
Waldo County 5.5%
Washington County 5.5%
York County 5.5%

Please note that the calculator helps users for informational purposes only. Exact calculation results may vary by current location and may change over time as the tax rate changes.

As there is no county-level sales tax and none of the cities or local governments collect additional local sales taxes, 5.5% is general ME sales tax rate for all counties and cities of this state.

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