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Here you can calculate how many days between one date and another one. All you need is to enter these dates and click on the button “Calculate”.

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How many days between dates?

To calculate days between dates, you actually need to subtract the earlier date from the later date. This is quite difficult, since months can have a different number of days. That is why to count days between dates you’d better used our day calculator. It takes into account needed number of days in each period of time and provides accurate result:

  • How many days in a week? There are 7 days in one week.
  • How many days in a month? There are 28, 29, 30 or 31 days in one month (depending on what month it is).
  • How many days in a year? 365 days (or 366 days if is a leap year).

How to use days between dates calculator?

Days between calculator does it all by itself. The only thing you should do is to set the dates including the day, the month and the year in both fields. Then click on the “Calculate” button. You will immediately know the number of days between dates.

Day counter between dates may be used with no limits. Pay attention that the tool calculates calendar days between dates. It means all days between 2 dates (not only business days).

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